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Andy Sullivan

Emergency Life Support Team (ELST) delivers First Aid training and qualifications across the South of England. Director Andy Sullivan has over 22 years of practical First Aid experience.

First Aid expert and Emergency Life Support Team Director Andy Sullivan

My career started as an operational fire-fighter, with hands on First Aid experience, in the Kent Fire Brigade. I served with Kent Fire Brigade for 17 years; and qualified as an instructor. In my last few years of service I became the Manager of First Aid training for the Brigade. Whilst in this role I worked closely with the Ambulance and Air Ambulance services.

I changed careers to become a Resuscitation Officer in the NHS, developing new skills in teaching and providing Advanced Life Support. A new role which gave me extensive knowledge and experience in advanced care.

With 20 years of experience and knowledge under my belt, I developed Emergency Life Support Team in 2005, of which I am proud to be the Director.

With a team of dedicated instuctors, who all have an Emergency Service background, we can offer a First Aid course that is delivered from real life experience.

I know from experience that First Aid truly makes the difference between life and death and I believe that everybody, young and old, should have at least the basic skills to save a life.

Best Wishes and thank you for visiting the website.

Andy Sullivan

Director, ELST

Instructor & Advisor

Rob Wilkinson

Registered Nurse x 32 years & Registered Paramedic x 10 years – Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Flight Crew, Clinical Manager and Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Medical Course author/Educator – Motorsport Medic x 38 years – Clinical Lead, NHS Ambulance Service.


Mark Pittock

27 years Fire & Rescue – RAF Medic with one tour of Afghanistan – Community First Responder – Fire Service First Aid Instructor.

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