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Multiskilled Emergency Responders

United Kingdom Civil Reserve Partnership with ELST

We are privileged and honored to partner with the United Kingdom Civil Reserve to deliver First Responder Training to their Multi Skilled Emergency Responders. Between us, we have developed the Humanitarian First Responder Course, which is the first of its kind in the world.

UK Civil Reserve (UKCR) – aims to be the go-to organisation for the provision of additional first responders in the event of a major national, regional and international emergency.

UKCR support and bolster the resilience work of the UK emergency services, the Military and the volunteer sector and we salute them for their dedication and diligence.

The UK Civil Reserve (UKCR) is a strategic civilian reserve that aims to support national resilience. We will bridge the gap between the Civil, Military and Voluntary sectors to relieve pressure on the UK’s national critical infrastructure.

UKCR was founded by their  directors, a group of highly qualified and experienced disaster management and humanitarian responders. With a range of military, emergency service, and public health resilience backgrounds, they recognised the need to develop a reliable and effective civilian reserve that can enhance UK resilience response and infrastructure.

Humanitarian First Responder Course

Humanitarian First Responder Course

Those who undertake the second day will gain the Humanitarian First Responder qualification. Additionally, candidates may opt for the Emergency First Aid at work qualification which not only qualifies them as an industry recognised Emergency First Responder but will also provide training which will prepare them for situations they may encounter when deployed as a responder during crisis or disaster events.

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UKCR is a UK based civilian volunteer reserve which offers several benefits, both to the volunteers who join and to the country as a whole. Here are some potential advantages:

1. Emergency Response: In times of emergency, such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks, a civilian volunteer reserve can provide additional support to emergency services, such as the police, fire and rescue, and ambulance services. By having trained volunteers ready to assist, the response time can be reduced, and more lives can be saved.

2. Training Opportunities: By joining UK Civil Reserve you can gain access to training and development opportunities which provides advantages for those individuals who are interested in gaining new skills or enhancing existing ones. For example, our ‘Reservists’ will all receive training in subjects such as first aid, communication, and leadership, which can be beneficial in their personal and professional lives.

3. Why not just join the Military Reserve? Not everyone is interested in joining the military and many of our ‘Reservists’ have already completed successful careers in uniform, but many still want to serve their country. A civilian volunteer reserve can offer an alternative option, where individuals can serve their country in a non-military capacity, while still contributing to national security.

4. National Pride: A civilian volunteer reserve can foster a sense of national pride and community involvement. By volunteering to serve their country as well as their local community, individuals can feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging, which can help to strengthen their connection to both.

Overall, joining UKCR can allow individuals to contribute to providing a valuable resource to the country, offering support in times of emergency, enhancing community support, and providing opportunities for personal development.