2 Days (16 hours)

09:30 – 18:30



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Sussex. Kent

& Hampshire

(27 customer reviews)
East Sussex Course Location

Bushy Wood
Main Road
East Sussex
BN27 3LZ




Dates & Booking

Bushy Wood
Main Road
East Sussex
BN27 3LZ

Cost: £160.00

29th & 30th November 2023

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24th & 25th January 2024

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13th & 14th March 2024

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24th & 25th April 2024

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Camping is available at £5.00 per night.

Campervan serviced pitch at £18.00 per pitch plus £2.00 per person.

Email address for bookings is – reception@bushywood.org.uk


West Sussex & Hampshire

Duncton Village Hall
West Sussex




Dates & Booking

Duncton Village Hall
West Sussex

£160.00 per person

£170.00 with camping

6th & 7th December 2023

Order without camping £160.00

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17th & 18th January 2024

Order without camping £160.00

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6th & 7th March 2024

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17th & 18th April 2024

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Costs for camping onsite £10.00 for one night.

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£95.00 per night with 10% discount.

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The Cricketers


Kent Courses Location

Hope Farm Community Garden
Moor Hill
TN18 4QB




Dates & Booking

Hope Farm Community Garden
Moor Hill
TN18 4QB

£160.00 per person


1st & 2nd November 2023


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22nd & 23rd January 2024


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11th & 12th March 2024


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22nd & 23rd April 2024


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Currently, there is no camping available onsite.

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About the Outdoor First Aid 16 Hour Course

Outdoor First Aid presents rescuers with the unique situation of prolonged care of a patient in a remote area before help arrives. This means that the rescuer is responsible for providing first aid care for the victim until help arrives.

The rescuer may be faced with many challenges, including:

  • The need to improvise first aid equipment and supplies because not all of them will be available in remote environments.
  • The need to provide long-term care because help may not arrive for hours.
  • The need to provide emergency care when there are no emergency supplies or equipment available.

This course adheres to Band 3 of the Institute for Outdoor Learning Outdoor First Aid Training Framework and is approved by the First Aid Industry Body.

We have developed our 16-hour outdoor first aid course to be as practical and as real as it gets. The realistic casualty scenarios really bring the course to life and are a highly effective way of learning how to provide first aid. One of the many unique elements of this course is the proven neuroscience of staying calm in an emergency, skills which are now used by special forces.

We gradually build up your skills and knowledge backed up by a realistic scenario putting it all together.

You are assessed on the outdoor first aid course but it is an ongoing assessment, this removes any of the formal exam nerves.

You will not see a single PowerPoint slide on your course! So far we have never had a complaint about this one.

Outdoor First Aid Hypothermia and Drowning
Outdoor First Aid fall from height
1 Day Outdoor First Aid Course

Who is this course for?

At Emergency Life Support Team, we understand the importance of outdoor first aid training for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. Whether you’re an outdoor pursuits instructor, tree surgeon, estate worker, or simply someone who enjoys the great outdoors, our training courses are designed to equip you with the necessary skills to handle emergencies in remote locations. Our experienced tutors, Andy and Shaun, go above and beyond to create realistic scenarios that prepare you for the unexpected. From diagnosing and stabilizing hypothermia to building stretchers and using tourniquets, our courses cover a wide range of essential skills. We believe that over-preparation is key, especially when it comes to your safety and the well-being of others. Join us at Emergency Life Support Team and gain the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in wilderness emergencies.


  • 16 Hour Outdoor First Aid
  • Emergency First Aid at Work

Organisations that recognise our qualification

Our two day Outdoor First Aid qualification is recognised by the majority of the Outdoor National Governing Bodies.
British Cycling, ML, SPA, RYA, BCU, ASSI, BOF, DofE, and BASI & Forest School.


  • 9.30 – 18.30

Your First Aid Trainer

At Emergency Life Support Team, we understand the importance of training for life-threatening situations. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be prepared when seconds count. With our experienced trainers who have real-life experience in the Emergency Services, our training is credible and of the highest quality. We believe in creating a relaxed and enjoyable training experience that allows you to learn to your full potential. Join us today and become equipped to save lives.

Course Content

Introduction & Basic Life Support

  • Introduction to Outdoor First Aid
  • Action and priorities in an Emergency
  • Basic Life Support
  • Airway Management
  • Administer First Aid to an adult who is choking
  • Content of First Aid kits
  • Primary and Secondary patient assessment
  • Management of the unconscious patient (Recovery Position)
Medical Emergencies
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Diabetes
  • Seizures (Epilepsy)
  • Asthma
  • Dehydration
  • Shock
  • Sepsis / Meningitis
  • Lyme Disease
Trauma Emergencies
  • Fractures
  • Minor to Major Bleeding & Shock
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Head Injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Hypothermia & Hyperthermia
  • Secondary Drowning
  • Dental incidents

Outdoor First Aid 16 hour course locations

We have three amazing training venues where we provide our course.


Bushy Wood Outdoor First Aid is an ideal location:

  • When you need a course in East Sussex.
  • When you require a course in Surrey.
  • If you would like a course in London.
  • If you have the need for a course in Kent.

Duncton Village Hall Outdoor First Aid may be convenient: 

  • If you need a course in Hampshire.
  • If you require a course in West Sussex.
  • If you would like a course in Berkshire.

Hands of Hop Outdoor First Aid may be convenient: 

  • If you need a course in Kent.
  • If you require a course near London.

East Sussex Location

Bushy Wood Activity Centre
Main Road
East Sussex
BN27 3LZ

West Sussex & Hampshire

Duncton Village Hall
West Sussex
GU28 0JY

Kent Location

Hope Farm Community Garden
TN18 4QB

Courses at your venue

In order to arrange a 2 Day Outdoor First Aid course group booking at your site, a minimum requirement of six candidates will be required. The training can be delivered at your own venue anywhere in the UK. Please contact us for a quote.
Outdoor First Aid course simulated head injury
Outdoor First Aid in London
Outdoor First Aid Course in Hampshire

Outdoor First Aid 16 Hour Course Reviews

27 reviews for ODFA 2 Day Reviews

  1. Jim McDonnell – St Bede’s School

    “Attended Andy and Sean’s 2-day course as a refresher for my now out-of-date outdoor first aid qualification, and came away refreshed in more ways than I expected. I need the course as a Duke of Edinburgh award leader; there were other DofE staff there, as well as some Forest School staff and Forestry Commission workers. Alongside all the practical scenarios (fabulously realised by Sean, who might have missed his calling in Hollywood), Andy managed to include philosophical and practical thoughts about mental health, first aid outside the bounds of our specific needs, the neuropsychology of dealing with trauma and much more. As just 1 concrete example of a change in my thinking having done this course, day 1 set me thinking about how I would cope with a first aid situation at home or in the car and I realised that although well prepared with first aid resources on a DofE expedition, I’m woefully underprepared at home or in the car (beyond the plasters-in-the-bathroom-cabinet level; first aid kits, plasters, hi-vis etc. all duly ordered for home use now!). There was a good mix of anecdote, shared experience among all of us, and always a pragmatic and practical approach to first aid. It was informative, thought-provoking and at times very funny. If my taught lessons at school had the same variety of methods of delivery and engagement (not that they don’t, of course…) I’d go home happy each night. I’m almost sorry that I won’t need to do this course again for another three years. Thank you, Andy and Sean and ELST. Great work.”

  2. Annie Brown

    I am quite a squeamish person but I needed the Outdoor First Aid for work. I expected to learn about common injuries and signs of serious illness and what was best to do. I remember feeling overwhelmed with information at other first aid courses, which made me feel a little uncertain when I needed to recall what to do. Andy simplified the role of a first aider and despite the wealth of knowledge that he shared it all seemed to make sense. We practised real-life scenarios with an actor and I can’t explain the benefits of that compared to approaching a dummy. I have a new confidence to go into a situation and offer my help and knowledge, which I wasn’t expecting to gain from this course. I even bought a first aid kit for my car and genuinely feel I could help if god forbid I came across a road traffic collision. This is a course for everyone no matter what your job and I can’t recommend it enough. We need more first-aiders in the world and especially in the UK right now. I am proud of my new skills and confidence and will be back to see Andy in a few years for a top up 😊 Thank you.

  3. Steve Hughes (HF Holidays Walk Leader)

    This is my fourth 2-Day Outdoor First Aid course, but by far the best. Andy and Shaun’s approach took the fear out of ‘doing something wrong’ by focussing on what can practically be achieved in various situations. On previous courses, participants were separated into groups, with one member of the group playing victim whilst the others try to work out what the problem is. Since we are not expert actors, this isn’t always easy. This course also separates participants into groups, but our victim is Instructor Shaun, who with appropriate makeup, props and acting expertise, is able to portray various life-threatening injuries and health problems with much better accuracy. It almost felt like the real thing, rather than a simulation. It is hard to illustrate protruding bones and catastrophic blood loss, but Shaun managed it. Not only did I learn more on this course than on previous ones, I enjoyed it more because it was fun. Andy and Shaun are both characters and their anecdotes concerning their own First Aid experiences added authenticity to their teaching. If I am still walk-leading in my 70’s then these are the guys I will be seeing again in three years’ time.

  4. Simone Laughton

    I’ve completed first aid training for our multiple businesses a number of times in the past but this course really bought the teaching home with the interactive way Shaun and Andy teach. We run a couple of garages plus a motocross track and a diverse range of accidents were covered. At motocross it’s not uncommon to get injuries or potentially life threatening situations like broken femer so going through the role play situations was really helpful to re-create that element of pressure and stress you feel when someone is howling in pain or bleeding and you need to think and act fast and remember what you’ve learnt. I really enjoyed the two days and feel more confident in dealing with situations now.

  5. Steve Hughes (HF Holidays Walk Leader)

    This is my fourth 2-Day Outdoor First Aid course, but by far the best. Andy and Shaun’s approach took the fear out of ‘doing something wrong’ by focussing on what can practically be achieved in various situations. On previous courses, participants were separated into groups, with one member of the group playing victim whilst the others try to work out what the problem is. Since we are not expert actors, this isn’t always easy. This course also separates participants into groups, but our victim is Shaun, who with appropriate makeup, props and expertise, is able to portray various life-threatening injuries and health problems with much better accuracy. It almost felt like the real thing, rather than a simulation. It is hard to illustrate protruding bones and catastrophic blood loss, but Shaun managed it. Not only did I learn more on this course than on previous ones, I enjoyed it more because it was fun. Andy and Shaun are both characters and their anecdotes concerning their own First Aid experiences added authenticity to their teaching. If I am still walk-leading in my 70’s than these are the guys I will be seeing again in three years’ time.

  6. Cathy Ford

    I have just finished the 2 day Outdoor First Aid course…. what can I say…Andy & Shaun were brilliant! Despite having done many first aid courses through my work in outdoor ed and teaching, this is the first time I have come away feeling a level of confidence that I would have a good idea of what to do & be able to help, rather than feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that I don’t know and a kind of fear about not remembering everything or getting it wrong. The 2 days absolutely highlighted the importance of keeping it simple, and even touched on the importance of simple breathing techniques to help you keep calm & think more clearly. Andy clearly has an incredible amount of experience & knowledge, and his use of examples of real life situations, his own reactions, the people he has learned from, are not only fascinating, but also highlight the importance of doing your best – it could save a life. I also found it fascinating to understand more about how first aid can be a huge help to the emergency services and the incredible knowledge & skill they have. The outdoor scenarios were highly engaging & thought provoking – Sean’s acting really drew me in to feel as close to the real thing as they could be. Both Andy & Shaun talked refreshingly openly about the importance of looking after your own mental health generally, the value in sharing with others, in particular in relation to experiencing a personal or first aid related trauma. I highly HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone working with people in the outdoors and or anyone keen to feel as confident as you can be with your ability to get involved with, deal with, offer help in a first aid situation. Thank you so much.

  7. Neil Beckett

    Brilliant training course. Andy and Shaun share their fantastic knowledge of real life situations and the course really brings it all to life. Both really encouraging and get the group motiviated and working together. I was really impressed with how they consider not only the physical health of the patient but the mental health of all those involved in a First Aid incident. Thanks very much, Neil. Secondary School Pastoral Support, DofE Coordinator, Outdoor Wilderness Practioner.

  8. Emily Clarke

    Absolutely fantastic outdoor first aid course. Andy and Shaun are amazing teachers. They have such a wealth of experience between them. They deliver the course in a way that is both fun and informative. It’s the second time I have booked with elst and I am already looking forward to my next renewal! The outdoor scenarios make the course very interesting, there will not be a dull moment! Don’t hesitate and book today!

  9. M Jamison

    The best thing about this course and Andy and Saun, is that they know what actually happens in an emergency and perhaps more importantly what happens in the minds of those who arrive at the scene. Trying to remember a million rules at that point is not going to happen, so being given permission and the confidence to exercise one’s own initiative alongside sensible observations and techniques, makes perfect COMMON SENSE. I now know how to recognise which emergency is which, how to deal with them, how to know when it’s time to just hold someone’s hand AND…. how to stop someone snoring. AWESOME!…. And no, not with an axe.

    Worth noting: I also learnt the simplest technique to save a life that most first aiders haven’t got a clue about, which they SERIOUSLY SHOULD. So next time you happen to be hanging from a cliff edge, make sure you call an ELST first aider you will have a much higher survival rate.

    Thanks Gents, see you in 3 years

  10. Claire

    This is by far the best first aid training out there.
    I myself come from an emergency services background and found it to be a very engaging and interactive course, that taught first aid in an exciting and refreshing way.
    Highly recommend!

  11. Project Rewild

    The first aid training with ELST was fantastic. Andy and his team are engaging and hilarious while also being incredibly professional.
    This is a very hands on, practical training with not an acronym or PowerPoint in site. As a team, we all agreed ELST is by far the best first aid training we have ever had and most importantly we’ve all retained the information and feel confident that we would know what to do in an emergency situation. I highly recommend ELST to anyone looking to do their first aid training and as an organisation we will be returning to Andy in three years to renew it.
    Thank you so much Andy from the Project Rewild team.

  12. Tam jenkins

    Testimonials often seem to be implausible, however, I can honestly say that this two-day course was very informative, with no pressure of formal exams, although it was clear that we were being assessed. There were many real-life stories that brought the training alive and into reality. I suffer from high levels of anxiety and this causes eczema, however, I can honestly say this is the first time in a long time that the flare-ups that I am so used to having never appeared as I was feeling so reassured by this training. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone regardless of their employment. The only downside to this two-day course is the time disappears so quickly and before you realise it you are saying goodbye.

  13. Graeme Bartholomew

    I have just completed a first aid course with ELST and I would recommend them to anyone for their first aid training.
    I have over thirty years of experience as a first aider and I have to say that in all that time, the course I have just completed with Andy and Shaun was the most instructive and informative of any of the previous training received.
    They are very knowledgeable and approachable instructors, and their training methods are some of the best I have seen and certainly the most memorable.
    Thank you very much ELST and I will be returning for the refresher when required.

    (Duke of Edinburgh Supervisor and Assessor)

  14. Andy Gooch

    During my 30 year career as a police officer, and as a keen mountain trekker, I have had to apply my first aid knowledge on a number of occasions for real. I have recently completed the two day ‘Outdoor First Aid’ course with Andy and Sean, and I wish that I’d had this particular input years ago. The manner in which the training is delivered is wholly professional, practical and easy to remember, yet relaxed and enjoyable. Even with the course being ‘Covid compliant’ there is still good opportunity to practice the skills taught. This was probably the best first aid training I have received. If you need an Outdoor First Aid qualification, I recommended ELST.

    Outdoor Leader and Retired Police Officer

  15. Jess Ringwood

    I would like to thank the amazing team at ELST for creating a highly engaging and practical First Aid course that has surpassed any course I’ve been on of this kind. I was so pleased I made the decision to join Andy, Shaun and Tim down in Hailsham for what I can only describe as an empowering two days. The guys’ firsthand experiences made every minute interesting, engaging and accessible. I signed up to the course as a legal requirement for my job but left feeling grateful, informed, and confident to deliver lifesaving aid, if ever the situation requires it. The real-life scenarios brought our learning to life and allowed us to have a go at practicing the skills on an actual person in a very realistic reenactment. This made such a difference to my understanding of the essential yet simple parts of First Aid that will make the immediate difference to the person you are helping. We were not bombarded with Dos and Don’ts, PowerPoints or worksheets, instead we were met with friendly, easy-going guys who welcomed us all and put us at ease every step of the way. Thanks again, I looked forward to next time!

    Many thanks,

    Jess Ringwood |Outdoor Learning and Forest School Teacher| Broomhill Bank School

  16. Elliott Crook

    I spent the weekend on this course at Bushy Wood campsite and it was the best First Aid course I’ve ever attended.

    It was so refreshing to hear from Andy that it’s the end goal that is important in First Aid and he showed us lots of different ways to get there.

    In a Covid safe way, we were able to be hands on with “real people” to practise the skills we were taught and that made such a difference.

    Shaun’s acting in the real life scenarios was amazing and getting stuck in, to help him, was a brilliant way to learn (and make mistakes) before we had a debrief, where we could all participate.

    A huge thanks to both Andy and Shaun for making the weekend so much fun, when learning such vital skills.

    Elliott Crook

  17. Alison Cordner

    Forget about any first aid course you may have done in the past and just do this one instead! I had an absolutely amazing experience with the ELS Team on my first aid course this weekend, it was like no other I have attended. Our group were encouraged to get hands on straight away (in a ‘COVID secure’ way) without any of the usual awkward role play and classroom based powerpoint presentations. The real-life scenarios and actively getting involved has given me so much confidence in my ability to administer first aid. Having attended first aid courses with other providers, I never felt prepared to deal with emergency first aid situations but after this weekend with ELST I can honestly say I feel ready to deal with (or at least attempt to deal with) a variety of emergency situations. The training is thorough and interesting with a good opportunity for everyone to get involved. Plus you get front row seats to some Oscar level performances! I will definitely be returning in three years time!

    Alison Cordner

  18. Roman Humphreys

    Just wanted to drop a little thanks…

    The past couple of days have been fantastic in every way and I genuinely loved it all.
    I think the course was outstanding. It was engaging, educational, and great fun.

    Your delivery of the whole event was exceptional, and so captivating. I could have easily sat and listened to more stories, tips and tricks for hours or even days more!

    There was a couple of very important things you’ve helped me with…

    First is setting my mind at rest about expectations. After the first First Aid course I did, I had a lot of worry about “should I let people know about this… What if something happens, people look to me, and I can’t help..” Some of those worries even came back before this course. But, after this weekend, and understand standing what we’re there to do, and what we’re NOT there to do has helped so much.

    Second, highlighting the goal and not the process… the stand out example of the weekend is the recovery position (although there were many others). All I could remember from the other course I did was the emphasis on getting the positioning process done right and not WHY I was positioning them. I genuinely thought it was to promote blood flow or something!! Demonstrating that we’re just making sure it’s there mouth facing down, and really how you do that is less important was so simple but so helpful.

    A note on Shaun. What.a.guy. wow… where to begin. Those performances were on another level. You may have over heard some of it, but coming away from the sections everyone was talking about how amazing and immersive his performances were, and that the value it adds to the experience is immeasurable. Also, When he’s not covered in blood, mumbling through a stroke, or being an aggressive diabetic, he’s wonderful to chat to! First aid needs more Shaun’s!

    Again, a massive thanks to both you and Shaun not only for the incredibly well put together weekend, but for actually doing what you do, sharing all your knowledge and experience.

    Roman Humphreys

  19. Antigone Nikiteas

    I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for a really interesting, engaging and informative two days doing the outdoor first aid course. Of all the first aid courses I’ve done this has left me the most enthused and empowered to feel like I know what I need for my first aid kit and what help I can provide in the unfortunate event of needing to give first aid.

    The way the two of you brought scenarios to life with very realistic acting and props, whilst talking through processes clearly and inviting group interactivity has really helped those all important messages and knowledge sink in. I really appreciated hearing you’re real life stories as well.

    One particular element that I was impressed with was your focus on mental health throughout the course. It is the first, first aid course I have done where the mental health impact on both the victim of an event and particularly yourself as first aider has been thought about and the suggestions you gave for managing this were both practical and thoughtful.

    I also especially appreciated how relaxed the course was in terms of not stressing about detailed technique because that is not realistic. The learn and evaluate as we go approach really made me feel at ease and because I wasn’t stressing about being ‘tested’, it made me more open to absorbing the information and more confident to engage.

    Finally and on a more personal note, I am so glad I was doing your course as my first two days away from my 10 month old baby. Honestly, I was dreading it, but given all of the above – the relaxed atmosphere, how engaging and interactive the content was – I couldn’t have asked for a more positive distraction. And I am now really excited to share this knowledge and skills with my son when he is a little older. Thank you for being so caring and empathic to this particular circumstance throughout the course.

    Antigone Nikiteas

  20. elsteam999

    In the current situation surrounding Covid-19, I found it difficult to find an Outdoor First Aid course nearby, but I was lucky enough to come across the one run by the Emergency Life Support Team. Andy and Shaun were quick to put me at ease when I arrived and, while adhering to Covid restrictions, they delivered two days’ training that was interesting and engaging. Andy’s wealth of experience meant that he always had a story up his sleeve to illustrate a point and these really embedded the learning. The realistic scenarios certainly got the adrenaline pumping and gave you a real feel for how you would react, while making you feel prepared to handle these situations.

    Whereas on previous first aid courses I left feeling nervous that I wouldn’t remember everything, I left this course feeling that I could really make a difference if I was first on the scene. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, whether you ‘need’ it or not.

    Best wishes

    Melissa Kosar

  21. Dr Mary Gearey

    The School of Environment and Technology staff really go the extra mile for their colleagues and students. Over two stormy days several members of the school’s academic and technical team braved high winds and rain to learn the ins and outs of emergency first aid response in the wilderness. The setting was Wood Mills Nature Reserve near Henfield in West Sussex. The team battled the elements to get to grips with handling severed limbs, cardiac arrests, seizures, head injuries and even paper cuts. Academic life, in all its forms, can get messy.

    Our aim was to ensure that the field trips we undertake as part of our students’ learning, give as much focus (if not more) on safety as to academic rigour and practical skills. Given that our Geography, Geology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences students will participate in residential experiences that can include remote locations in Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Morocco and Sicily, we are always updating the skillsets of the team to ensure everyone’s welfare is prioritised.

    man lying on floor with tourniquet around legActivities on the two day training course included diagnosing and stabilising hypothermia, building stretchers from on-hand materials and using tourniquets to remedy more severe injuries. We learnt, amongst many things, to identify if an unconscious person is ‘snoring’. This indicates a restricted airway, and the approach is to gently tip their jaw up and forward to open up their airway. Even basic manoeuvres such as this can save a person’s life.

    Our expert tutors Andy and Sean from Emergency Life Support Team, went the whole hog to make the more extreme learning scenarios as realistic as possible – including staging lost limbs to chainsaw accidents.

    Safely back in doors for a debrief at the end of day two, limbs reattached, we all agreed that there is no such thing as over preparation – whether applied to field trip risk assessments; or for the student group presentations at the end of each learning activity. And we also all now know for sure that where you find a defibrillator you will surely find a razor…

    Dr Mary Gearey

    Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

    University of Brighton

  22. James Andrew

    I’ve just got home after completing the 2-day Outdoor First Aid course, and really feel that we should all be looking to ELST to provide first aid training. I’ve been on several first aid courses, and have needed to use first aid (or my attempts at it) on numerous occasions in the real world, just as a teacher, a member of the public, and a road-user. What I can say about ELST is that their scenario training is outstanding, and provides what I feel is an invaluable, real-as-possible experience, that can help you to feel more prepared should you find yourself in similar life-threatening (or otherwise) situations.

    We spent the first day in the classroom, and spent the second day in the woods getting muddy and (fake) bloody. The course content was very good and as described, but whereas on previous courses, where I’ve gone home full of questions, concerns, doubts, and dare I say, fears about my memory and abilities to deal with anything, actually having a hands-on experience and a running commentary, I have come away from ELST reassured that I’ll do my best, that doing my best WILL help (if possible), and that that’d good enough for the situation I’m presented with. I have no doubt that it’ll save lives.

    Thanks ever so much both to Andy, for his expert instruction, and to Sean, for his frighteningly-real scenarios and helping to bring things to life (or death!). The pair make a great team, have a vast wealth of experience between them, and are approachable and easy to talk to. I can’t recommend this course enough to anyone in any walk of life, frankly. I did this through work, but if you’ve never had any first aid training, just book yourself on it. You could save a loved-one (or anyone, really) with just a bit of knowledge, and the confidence to have a go.

    Thanks again,

    James Andrew

  23. Julie Butler

    I first did the two day course 3 years ago and without a doubt it was the best first aid course I’d ever attended so I had no hesitation in booking on another this year to renew my qualifications. Andy is friendly, welcoming and delivers a wealth of information and examples in a professional, knowledgeable but easily understandable way. On the two courses Andy has been joined by Shaun and the two of them work really well together both with a great sense of humour which is not normally found on first aid courses.

    They create outdoor scenarios which provide fantastic practical opportunities to fulfil the role of first responder and use the knowledge discussed, followed by appropriate feedback and reflection afterwards. Highly recommended to anyone looking for an introduction to first aid and especially those needing the outdoor first aid qualification. Definitely a fresh approach to teaching first aid which leaves much more of an impression than traditional courses. Thanks Andy and Shaun!

    Julie Butler

  24. Tabitha McConnell

    A very engaging day accompanied by an instructor with real life experience making it more applicable and realistic. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a lot of important skills. Would defiantly recommend!

    Tabitha McConnell

  25. Rowena Gerrett

    The two day course was, without a doubt, the best first aid course I’ve ever done. It was packed with information, which was delivered in a professional, knowledgeable and digestible way, with many examples given. Andy was friendly and welcoming and scenarios created outdoors provided fantastic practical opportunities to put the theory into practice, with appropriate reflection afterwards.
    Andy and Shaun also had a sense of humour – not something always found on first aid courses! I highly recommend.

    Rowena Gerrett

  26. Chrissy Higgins

    I have been a motorcyclist (in an accident of my own making), and a witness to three serious road traffic incidents at which I was the first on the scene. In each of these situations I wished that I had been more able to help. For this reason, I decided that and ELST course was for me.

    To say that I had reservations about a) doing an Outdoor First Aid course, and b) that I would be observed whilst carrying out actions on a real person with very lifelike injuries would be an understatement! The reality, however, was that it was informative, fun, immersive and gave me a bonding experience with my fellow trainees that was totally unexpected.

    I genuinely did not know what to expect from this course (I attended a 2-day outdoor course). I’d been on a workplace First Aid course, which was pretty much all theory and took place over three days in a hotel somewhere. I found the Outdoor First aid course to be a completely different experience. I don’t want to spoil any surprises for anyone but, boy, is the make-up good! I had also been concerned about being watched as I employed my new-found knowledge and skills in the woods. I needn’t have worried – there is no criticism, only encouragement, and I became so immersed in the reality of the situations we were presented with that at one stage I found myself getting quite emotional at the prospect of one of my “patients” dying from a pretend heart attack!

    Andy and his team know how to make you understand what you are facing, how to use facilities that are at your disposal in the outdoors, how to treat an accident as a “resolvable situation” rather than a crisis and, more importantly, to accept that you cannot solve everything.

    My lesson learnt? As long as you have done your best to help, then that is better than standing by and doing nothing. I now carry a pink high viz jacket and a “proper” first aid kit in my car as a matter of course, confident that, should the need to use it arise I will be able to do something more useful than simply call for help.

    Chrissy Higgins

  27. Nick Baldwin-Charles

    Thank you Andy and Shaun for an excellent two days outdoor first aid course.
    I have served for 32 years, military and Police patrolling and responding to incidents. Now working in the outdoors industry I need to maintain and update my First Aid capability, this course did that and more. Practical scenarios and a no pressure learning environment being the thread throughout.
    The demonstrations and hands with trauma techniques and kit was very helpful Thanks again Nick British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader

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