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First Aid Equipment

Take a look at some of the best First Aid equipment on the market.

Blizzard Blanket

General First Aid

Resuscitation Council (UK) CPR/ AED Demo

Lifesaver live-action virtual reality training

Resuscitation Council UK Statement on COVID-19 in relation to CPR and resuscitation in first aid and community settings

Resuscitation Council UK’s interactive training tool Lifesaver is a cutting-edge way to learn lifesaving skills anytime, anywhere. 

Lifesaver in the community BHF

Vinnie Jones’ hard and fast Hands-only CPR

Management of bleeding

C-A-T® Tourniquet Buddy-Aid Arm Application Tutorial

Combat Application Tourniquet – Buddy application

Combat Application Tourniquet – Self application

Out of interest

What 3 Words – The inventor Chris Sheldrick

Tore Laerdal at TEDxStavanger

Tap the locate button to find your current 3 word address

Hands of Time: Celebrating 50 Years of CPR

UK Emergency Services roll out what3words

British Heart Foundation CPR training in schools

Emergency First Aid at Work East Sussex

British Heart Foundation

Get a CPR kit for your school