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The CRASH First Aid course has been designed for young, new, existing drivers, bikers, cyclists and all who use our roads.

CRASH Course was developed due to the large number of deaths and serious injuries that occur on our roads each year.
The CRASH Course teaches the priceless lifesaving skills needed in providing effective Pre-Hospital First Aid skills at the scene of a Road Traffic Collision; all under the instruction of ex Fire, Police and Ambulance Service staff with many years of experience.

The major component that brings CRASH course to life is the effective use of actors with dramatic, realistic casualty make up. This style of training is typically used by the British Armed Forces to produce the most effective Medics and First Aiders in the world. Presented with these challenging road traffic collision scenarios, the newly attained First Aid skills will truly be put to the test, an experience that can potentially increase a safer use of our roads.

Together, we can have more life savers on our roads that will potentially save yours or a loved one’s life.

Anyone who drives or rides a motorbike
Qualification for this course is achieved through on-going assessment for the duration of the course.
Qualification (Valid for 3 years)

1. Emergency First Aid at Work (FAIB Approved)

2. Crash Course certificate

Road Accident Statistics
The Golden Hour
Mechanism of injury
Kinematics of Trauma
Personal Protection
Road Traffic Collision Scene Safety
Basic Life Support (CPR)
Recovery Position
Management of the unconcious patient
Airway Management
Crash Helmet Removal
Trauma Airway Management
Major & Minor Bleeding
Open & Closed Fractures
Spinal Trauma
Head Trauma
Heart Attack
Personal Post After Care

Crash Course can be adapted to you specific needs, whether it be for remote locations, motorcycle accidents or Close Protection work.

We can bring the course to you or at our training venue.

Pestalozzi International Village Trust
Ladybird Lane
East Sussex
TN33 0UF

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2 Days

9.30-17.00 each day